Hospitech EHR

Comprehensive Electronic Health Record 

Hospitech EHR let your caregivers focus on their expertise while it manages all other administrative aspects of your practice, to ensure a stress-free and maximum productivity for your practice with its world-class features.

Our solution ensures patient data is available right at the point of care with no geographical barrier.

At Hospitech, we help your practice take the stress out care delivery through:

Practice Transformation: By taking away the paperwork from your practice and automating your operational processes. Interactions with patients, staff members, and departments within your organization and medical information exchange with external organizations are all sorted with our comprehensive EHR.

Increased Productivity: By making your calendar as a care provider available to your customers and colleagues alike with our world-class scheduling solution. Our solution gives your customers the flexibility to choose which of your facility they which to visit and which caregiver they will like to see.

Increased Practice Success: By automating your billing process, our solution lets you track your encounters with your patients and bill them accordingly. Have access to patient’s payment balance right from the patient’s profile. Duration of your encounter with the customer is automatically captured, your past encounters and their respective duration are also available for review.

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Hospitech EHR…Takes the form of your practice.

The fully customizable solution, whatever your practice is, Hospitech EHR can be tailored to align with your practice needs, in order to achieve that maximum productivity and stress-free care delivery experience.

Hospitech Remote Consultation…Built to suit your lifestyle.

No one should have to miss a doctor’s appointment due to their demanding schedule. Neither should a doctor’s service be geographically limited. Choose the type of consultation that fits your busy schedule and that of your patients and be in charge of your time. Choose telehealth, Audio, chat or walk-in-visit.

Hospitech Practice Management… Takes the stress out of appointment scheduling.

Making sure every patient requiring your service gets it at the time they want it is one the most important success factor for your practice. Hospitech practice management solution allows you to share your calendar with your client, your availability is visible to them and appointments can be booked accordingly.

Patient Portal

Personal health record with security and control.

With Hospitech patient portal, your patients’ health record is only a few clicks of buttons away. Patients having unrestricted access to their medical data such as a list of medications, allergies, secure doctor-patient messaging and the ability to schedule an appointment with their caregiver at their convenience.

 Medical Billing Management

Hospitech medical billing software is expertly integrated with our EHR, practice management system, and clearinghouses of your choice to address all your practice’s billing needs in a seamless, efficient workflow ensuring your practice is paid sooner and faster.

Some medical billing features:

  • Flexible coding system.
  • Institutional Billing Standards (UB-04) support.
  • Electronic billing to clearing houses.
  • Paper claims and more…

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The size of your practice does not matter with Hospitech EHR as long as care delivery is what you do.

Our EHR is fully customizable and it is effective in Public Practice, Private Practice, Specialty Care, Cross-Specialty Care and more.


It is enough to be sick, getting the required care should be as convenient as possible. Hospitech comprehensive EHR make the caregiving process as stress-free as it could possibly get.


The size of your practice is never an issue with our solution, our solution can be easily tailored to take the form of your practice size and operational processes.


Protecting your client data is at the top of our priority list, with our role-based access feature, only the right personnel get to see what data they have the right to see.

Why you should consider us for your public practice:

Convenience Like No Other

  • Consult with your Patients, even if you are both worlds apart.
  • Telehealth to visually assess and consult with your patients.
  • Voice consultation to discuss your patients’ symptoms, recovery etc.
  • Chat with your patients if that is what they chose.
  • Assess or review encounter history at a later date for reference.

The highly scalable solution that adapts to your practice size and growth.

  • Add as many facilities as possible on one integrated platform.
  • Integrated practice groups, multi-specialty is also accommodated by the versatility in our solution.
  • Feel free to customize all the features of our EHR, practice management, and medical billing solution to suit your need.

Secure Solution that protects Practice date and guides against unauthorized access.

  • Our server infrastructure security duly aligns with the HIPAA requirements
  • Access Control List to ensure resources only have the access needed to perform their jobs
  • Security audits carried out regularly to make sure data stay safe.

Increase Your Practice Cash Flow and Revenue Collection

  • We optimize your revenue while you focus on patient care through our integrated billing solution.
  • Transparency into the practice financials.
  • Payments made directly on the solution for convenience.

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